Report from Identiverse 2021

At Credentive Security, we love attending Identity Conferences. We were delighted to hear that Identiverse would be a live event this year. Now that more people are vaccinated, some of the restrictions are being relaxed, and that means it’s possible to hold events in person. Identiverse 2021 is one of the first, and it was an amazing experience.

NOTE:  Credentive is working on an in-person IAM meetup in Northern Virginia. Watch this space for more details!

It is impossible to overstate how great it was to meet so many old friends and make new contacts in person. There were a lot of amazing presentations. I will link to them below (links to Identiverse conference site – registration required)

Zero Trust

One of the major themes this year was “Zero-Trust“. For the Identiverse community, work from home has forced us to confront our over-reliance on perimeter security and has accelerated everyone’s journey to “zero-trust.” A few of our favorite sessions are listed below:

  • Our good friend Christine Owen presented “Implementing Privileged Access Management Solutions in a Zero Trust Architecture.” Traditional Privileged Access Management (PAM) implementation is becoming less viable as the delineation of an organization’s intranet and extranet have become too blurred to be effectively enforced. PAM solutions need to be incorporated into an organization’s system with Zero Trust architecture in mind.
  • Microsoft and Google delivered a joint presentation, “A Zero Trust Security CAEPer.” The Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol (CAEP) being developed as a part of the Shared Signals and Events working group within the OpenID Foundation provides a great way to instantly communicate how these changes are propagated to relying parties, which can then take appropriate action.
  • Amazon presented “Zero Trust: Out of Marketing and into Production.”  This session presented real-world zero trust implementations and discussed the guiding principles that can help you make meaningful progress towards your own zero trust journey.
  • Ping Identity presented “Rock Solid Identity Foundations for Zero Trust” – Ping Identity outlined the key considerations of identity that can strengthen the foundations of Zero Trust security.

All of the sessions will be available on-line at the Identiverse virtual summit.

Identiverse Summit

A new activity this year was the “Identiverse Summit”. A hundred expert volunteers were selected to discuss a topic and develop some thoughts and discussion points to be developed into a roadmap to guide businesses. The topic was “Digital Identification”  and there were four discussion topics:

  • Fostering Adoption
  • Immediate Implementation and Integration
  • Business Best Practices
  • Future Considerations

Credentive sent a representative to the summit. The discussion was very active and very interesting. We look forward to the publication of the roadmap.

Returning to Normal

The best part of Identiverse was the opportunity to meet and engage with peers face to face. A common refrain among participants was “Zoom Fatigue”. We were all tired of sitting in the office and seeing our friends over the internet, missing out on the richness of in-person communication and the opportunity to make new connections. The experience was so amazing that we returned to Northern Virginia determined to host a physical IAM meetup. Keep up with us on LinkedIn or on Twitter to be sure you’re informed of the plans as they solidify!